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Win $50 in cold hard cash

Written by Odum on September 23, 2013
$50 in Cash

Another Monday another Contestly contest, welcome! If this is your first time here read this quick page on how to enter one of our contests. If you’ve been here before then you know exactly what to do so let’s get to it! So, how does $50 in cold hard cash sound to you?

As I mentioned last week our very first bonus contest is going to launch very soon, probably either Tuesday or Wednesday. We’re also starting a new video series which will go live on Thursdays where Andrea and I will be announcing the previous week’s winners with our own person twist on it. We’re putting our own unique twist on it so it should be fun!

Of course before all that happens you need to enter into today’s contest for your chance to win $50 in cold hard cash


Hope you enjoyed today’s video, good luck!


  1. Freeda B.

    First one here, get the $50!! :)

  2. lloyd

    including me

  3. Marsha Arditti

    Great contest!

  4. Ty


  5. Dorothy Pyefinch

    … Police Memorial is this weekend in OTTAWA and I would enjoy spending $50.00 to use for this weekend festivities OR I would donate it to the Police Memorial Foundation because that would be the RIGHT THING TO DO!

  6. Mike


  7. thomas rusinak

    50 buck would look good in my pocket!

  8. Cindy Merrill

    $50 would buy a weeks worth of groceries!

  9. Andrea

    $50 would be great. Would pay a bit of the kid’s school fees :)

  10. Phil

    I would be happy even to win $5 or $10.

  11. Marg Smith

    Great way to start the week!

  12. LennyG

    Thanks for the chance! Why is getting an entry for YouTube so difficult?

  13. tracy simms


  14. Sarah Fung


  15. bruce sommer

    who says mondays are awful?

  16. Kam

    Thanks for the fun videos and great contests!

  17. FaeryCharmed

    Follow your heart Odum! I’m with Andrea, I’m not getting how you are going to make any money from prizes that you had to pay for either!

  18. calioop13

    Thanks for continually coming up with prizes.

  19. Holly

    Loved the girl scream at the end of the video!

  20. Amy Adams

    Nothing better than cold, hard cash!! :-)

  21. connie danielson

    Hope that i log in right. I really could use the $50. thanks connie danielson

  22. dreadnokv1

    Loved the video looks like a conversation between me and my wife lol

  23. Debbie D.

    How do you get an entry for youtube?

  24. Marsha Arditti

    I’m here!

  25. Penny Milton

    great video would love to win Thanks

  26. thomas rusinak

    a new pair of boxer shorts in the future for me!

  27. Joann Magoch

    ty for the opportunity to win this hard cold cash its the end of the month and i can have some real cash for some fun ty again

  28. wilson king


  29. Ashley Leary

    Great video!!

  30. Andrea Amy

    ignore my twitter comment on the tim’s post…it appears to be working now! thanks for the great contests, and the funny youtube videos on a monday morning :)

  31. Stan McHam

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Holly Hennessy Swint

    I liked the video and commented when I entered but it’s not showing I got that entry?

  33. Kim Henrichs

    I could definitely use fifty cold hard dollars!!

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