Terms of service

Welcome to Contestly, the best place to enter great giveaways! This page outlines our terms of service and although it is written in a casual tone, it is just as official as any other legal document.


To be eligible in our giveaways you must be over 18 years. You must confirm your age at the bottom of this page before you are eligible to win any giveaways.

Fair Giveaways

Contestly is all about fair, open and honest giveaways. If under any circumstances we suspect you are engaging in activities with the goal of altering or enhancing your odds of winning we will, without warning, terminate or suspend your account with or without notice.

One Account per Individual

As an individual (you, the one reading this) you may only create one account to enter our giveaways. If you are found to have multiple accounts they will be terminated or suspended with or without notice. We are proud to run open and fair giveaways for everyone, so don't try and cheat. We have been doing this for a long time and we have a particular set of skills that makes us really good at catching cheaters!

Claiming a Prize

If you're selected as a winner we will tweet out to you. You will then have 24 hours to respond to that tweet to redeem your prize. Click here to follow us Twitter so you don't miss our winner announcements!